Traditional Botillo Traditional Botillo


The most famous product from Bierzo is the Botillo, unsurpassed delight in the winter evenings.Reineta apple and Conference pear to taste fresh daily or the secret recipes whose manuscripts will be given to future generations. 

We do not forget the chesnuts and the smell of  roasted peppers that marks a before and an after in the Bierzo's villages.

The gastronomic diversity in Bierzo talks about people and villages, as well as the weather, cold winters and hot summers, the habitat of the animals and the subsistence economy.

Restaurants are diverse in El Bierzo, from the most traditional food to more elaborate dishes. Yes, the food is a bet on El Bierzo and its products and people who believe in what they do each day and strive to get excited and loving travelers.

Reineta appleConferencia pearChesnuts from Bierzo's forestsPeppers