Templar Castle in Ponferrada. XII Century Templar Castle in Ponferrada. XII Century


The Bierzo encompasses natural landscapes as Ancares and Las Médulas, a gold mine by the Romans and declared a World Heritage Site. The Camino de Santiago passes transversely El Bierzo and is a meeting point, experiences and learning. 

In The Bierzo we can find some samples of art as Mozarabic churchs of Santiago de Peñalba and Santo Tomás de las Ollas, as well as a clear manifestation of other artistic periods as Romanesque and Gothic.


In the historic town of Ponferrada's Templar castle stands as a fortress on the Sil River and next to it will find the church of San Andres S. XVII. A walk from the Plaza de la Encina to Hall Square take us to medieval times and in front of the Clock Tower, one of the last memories of the walled area of ​​the city.

Las Médulas

Las Médulas were the greatest open pit mine in the Roman Empire. Today is World Heritage Site since 1997 and the cultural place deserves to be visited easy to discover its beauty and history.

Villafranca del Bierzo

This village is an enclave in Camino de Santiago and the historic capital of the Bierzo region, retains its stately old and a walk through its streets makes us understand why time stops at dusk.

Los Ancares

The Ancares area is located on the border between Galicia and Leon. Life goes on it linked to territory. Steep slopes and forest wealth unsurpassed opens its doors to nature lovers.

Monastery of San Pedro de Montes. Visigothic origin. VII centuryClock Tower Ponferrada. XVI centuryQueen's balcony. Carracedo Monastery. XIII CenturyVillafranca del Bierzo Castle. XVI CenturyMedieval blacksmith. National MonumentBarn in Fuente de Oliva, Ancares sierra