Autumnal scene in a chestnut trees forest. Autumnal scene in a chestnut trees forest.


The Bierzo is landscape and natural sites, hidden paths and unexpected breaks. Valleys, rivers and mountains, trails that delve into the magic box of the senses.

From the Valle del Silencio and routes through roads that monks and hermits roamed centuries ago will name the peace and quiet as we walk luminous spaces marked by the Nature’s color contrast of Nature .

The San Genadio’s cave and the Monasterio de Montes await us, places that other people lived and today, if we pay attention, we can hear the sound of the walls and rocks , slowly , because Bierzo is you.

The lost gold from Las Médulas, the red soil and water as the main hub of a region will be an indispensable part of our journey. From the viewpoint of Orellán we will appreciate the beauty of the mountains and chestnut trees, singing birds. Our memories will be the earth, time and history.

We dive in forests, backwaters, blossoming vineyards. We are part of nature and earth, dream of meandering rivers. 

The sound of nature in The Bierzo is a music box, a chained melody of words and traditions, a good memories.

Valley of SilenceRoman gold mines of Las MédulasThe vineyard at the foot of the snowy Montes AquilianosThe Meruelo river crossing Malpaso gorgeFlora at Bierzo's vineyard